To find a place in international competition today, you have to renew your technology very quickly. At this point, especially industrialists who work on a project basis, who have to renew their technology for certain periods, who do not want to carry second hand machinery and insurance risks and who need working capital have turned their eyes to the technology rental model. With this awareness, we are applying the rental model applied in Europe and America to enable brands to make future investments more efficiently.

"Especially export-oriented manufacturing enterprises, both to reduce their expenses and technology more often in order to renew the machinery is directed to rent. This method gives companies great advantages. We provide support for export-oriented businesses as they have to renew their technologies more often in order to compete. With the leasing method, businesses can renew their technology without any cash out by making the investment they need with much more convenient facilities.

Renting Technology Makes The Company Grow Healthy

"Let's say you bought a CNC machine. Your monthly leasing rent is 1250 euros and when you rent you pay about 1,000 euros in installments. This gives you a 25% advantage. The 1250 Euro rent paid in leasing adds an annual maintenance cost of 500 euro and you are responsible for possible accidents. All this responsibility that may occur when you rent the technology belongs to the company you rent the machinery. Most importantly, the contribution to the balance sheet is; a 4-year lease of 10% of the annual portion of the lease can be written as expense, while the entire rent paid in technology rental can be written as expense. This gives you a 22% corporate tax advantage each year.

And there are other risks. Let's say you got a project, but things went wrong. In leasing, even if your machine doesn't work, you have to pay. You have the option of returning or even replacing the machine on the lease. These days when it's hard to get a loan, the leasing line makes you look indebted on your balance sheet and consumes your credit limit, increasing your cost. In the lease, you don't look indebted because you're a tenant. In today's conditions, no matter where you look, renting for a business makes the company grow healthy.

We Renew Technology and Maintain It On Time

It is especially useful for the industrialist who does business on a project basis, who has to renew his technology for certain periods, who does not want to carry second hand machinery and insurance risks and who needs working capital. In the 'technology rental' model, no down payment is required, rent bills can be used as expenses, costs can be planned, insurance and second-hand risk are carried out of the firm. With the model offering low maintenance cost, manufacturing technology support, performance measurement and technology renewal flexibility; there are facilities such as machine supply, periodic machine maintenance, operator training in accordance with requirements and standards.

Starting the lease with machine installation; installation and transportation expenses, periodical maintenance, machine break insurance, service expenses are offered as included in the lease. Technology change period is down to 5-7 years, especially in international competition, the technology of the subsidiary industry has to be renewed at shorter intervals, in summary, we offer brands the opportunity to renew the technology without the need for capital and increase their competitiveness.


In Terms Of Financing

  • You don't have to pay a down payment,
  • You can use rent bills as expenses,
  • You can plan your costs,
  • You can move insurance and 2nd hand risk out of the company,
  • You can finance the investment you need off-balance sheet,
  • TL, Euro, USD, payment alternatives.

In Terms Of Service

  • Low maintenance cost,
  • Making your machine ready for production,
  • Production technology support,
  • Production performance measurement,
  • Technology renewal flexibility.

In Terms Of Security

  • Supplying machines in accordance with the standards,
  • Regular maintenance of machinery,
  • Production technology support,
  • Operator training.

How Can You Use ?

  • Identifying the machine you need,
  • Approval of the lease offer,
  • After the machine is installed and operated, the delivery and the start of the leases.

Services Included In The Lease

  • Installation and Shipping Expenses,
  • Periodic Maintenance,
  • Machine Break Insurance,
  • Service Expenses,
  • Operator Training.