By Kapasitematik, We Increase The Efficiency Of Your Machines


We Increase The Life And Efficiency Of Your Machines With KAPASITEMATIK

With the software program KAPASITEMATIKs developed by Tezmaksan Makina R & D team, business owners will be able to follow their machines from any internet environment. Does the machine work efficiently? When did it malfunction? Is the correct program used by the operator? Information such as, can be instantly checked from your tablet or mobile phone. In this way, businesses will save a significant amount of time and cost.

Your Costs Will Decrease, Your Profitability Will Increase

With this project, which can be considered in Industry 4.0, the key data of the machines are collected in a center by remote access and these data are converted into reports. Remote monitoring and efficiency reporting system 'KAPASITEMATIKs' allows CNC users and businesses to measure their existing machines and see historical trend analysis. It is possible to complete and follow this kind of work with KAPASITEMATIKs at the touch of a button, which would normally be a problem in terms of both cost and time for an enterprise.


Analyze your machine efficiency; It is a system that reports errors and problems to its users by making instant feedback and providing error-free production solutions.

Why Kapasitematik ?

With this project, which can be considered as the Industry 4.0 application, the key data of the machines are collected in a center by means of remote access and these data are converted into reports.

  • Is this posture planned when your machine stops? Unplanned? It is in detail report to you.

  • Can follow the parts produced by the machines. This allows you to report productivity rates.

  • It reads information such as working speed, production numbers and operation times from CNC machines instantly and calculates efficiency.

  • Mobile Application where the screens are displayed and details are displayed instantly User-friendly and providing firm information directly to your Company needs Control from anywhere with the Mobile application shown with instant status screens

  • Controlling work orders and planning with instant data flow from Eras to ERP from Eras, Mrp Connections and Eras to ERP

  • Providing ERP service in companies that do not have ERP Management with Micro ERP within itself and direct access with KAPASITEMATIK production data.

  • Display of instant production data and Machine-specific OEE analytics with Operator screens, where operator-selective and dynamic user-selected machines are selected

  • Manage your machine assets and view real-time equipment status and conditions

What Your Productivity Level Of Your Machines ?

By Kapasitematik, it is possible to monitor not only the machine but also the operator. Does the operator use the machine correctly? Does it over force the machine? Does it use the right tool? Which program did he choose? How many units have produced? All this can be tracked via tablet, computer or mobile phone. It allows the machine to be used correctly and efficiently. In this way, the profitability of companies is increasing.

By Kapasitematik, you can instantly access the information when the machine starts working, fault conditions and how efficiently the machine is used.

  • Provides real-time production tracking.
  • Planned - unplanned follow-up is ensured.
  • Capacity Management: Identifies the deficiencies of capacity.
  • Improvement allows you to focus on what needs to be done.
  • Manufacture quantities, Planned / Unplanned downtime and rates, Tool life management, Readiness, Breakdown Machine Distribution, Calculates and reports your machine performances
  • By archiving production data, provides traceability.

Kapasitematik Reporting

By the reporting tool developed specifically for the KAP project, you can extract the daily OEE analysis of your factory and get the productivity analysis that can reach the weekly and monthly reports.

By Kapasitematik Reporting

By Kapasitematik Reporting

  • Track Your Production Data
  • The data you receive from the system will provide great support to your machine capacity utilization calculations.
Daily OEE Analysis of Your Business

Daily OEE Analysis of Your Business

  • You can track the total equipment activities of your business and see how close you are to the standard
  • Monitor Existing Equipment Performance
  • You can go ahead of the Lost Times
Productivity Reports

Productivity Reports

  • By the Operator Efficiency report, you can track your operators and see your daily weekly monthly performances.
  • By Machine Efficiency, you can monitor the working performance of your machines and use them efficiently.
Access From Anywhere

Access From Anywhere

  • By the Web Reporting System, you can access reports from the date range you set at any time.
  • By the data provided within the scope of the application, it is possible to receive reports by mail sent to the recipients automatically.

Kapasitematik Mobile Application Apps

Our Mobile service By Factory analysis, which you can access 7/24 from your phone, will be active.By this project, which can be considered as an Industry 4.0 application, the data of the machines are collected in a center by remote access. Thanks to the remote monitoring system 'Kapasitematik', CNC users and businesses can follow their current machines at any time.

Kapasitematik Mobile Application Apps
  • Machine Track
  • Number of Working Parts
  • Program Number
  • Posture Notifications
  • Total Downtime
  • Machine Performance
  • ERP-MRP Integrations
  • Operator Screens
  • Instant Status Screens

KAPASITEMATIK Operator Screens

KAPASITEMATIK Operator Screens

Operator-specific and dynamic user-selectable operator screens with instant production data

Process Map Kapasitematik

  • Automate analytical model creation By Machine Learning. Analyzing neural networks, statistics, operation research and physical methods for accessing confidential information in data
  • By the Neural Network plug-in to process, find links and provide multiple passes to data to extract meaning from undefined data.
  • By Deep Learning to analyze complex models of large amounts of data.
  • By Computer Vision, machines can capture, analyze and understand images, capture images or videos in real-time and make them interpretable
  • By using natural language processing to analyze human language, the ability of computers in terms of understanding and speaking. Natural language interaction enables people to communicate By computers to perform tasks using normal and daily language.