Ege Fren Is Ready For Industry 4.0 with Tezmaksan's Robotic Automation Application

Ege Fren Is Ready For Industry 4.0 with Tezmaksan's Robotic Automation Application

Ege Fren Is Ready For Industry 4.0 with Tezmaksan's Robotic Automation Application

TEZMAKSAN has signed another robotic automation project in which it proves its engineering background. Integration of Kuka brand robot with Brother R650X1 in Ege Fren was provided. Serkan Buran, head of Electrical and Electronics Department, who is managing the project, detailed the robot integration process in Ege Fren.

How did the process begin? What were the most important stages in the integration process ?

We have performed many examples of robotic automation integration. The offer came from Ege Fren. We visited the company related to the project with Brother Product Manager Ersoy Murat Bahcetepe and Education Installation Department Chief Burak Gurbuz. And we tried to identify the client's needs. We have prepared a plan for automation and improvements to be made in the machine according to the customer's needs. Then the necessary materials were supplied and the products were assembled one by one

This was a 10-15-day process. Much of that time has been spent controlling the security systems of the machine we communicated with the robot. Because if there is a problem in the communication between the machine and the robot, the machine or the robot can suffer great damage and all our labor can go to waste. All kinds of possibilities should be identified in advance and included in the system and precautions should be taken.

Why is robotic automation integration required from large manufacturing areas ?

Our customer aims to save labor, save time and cost with this robot integration. In addition, our client wanted to take a big and serious step towards the transition to Industry 4.0, which is the requirement of our era. Robots and software were decisive for Industry 4.0 as the sine qua non of dark factories. Ege Fren, who has this vision, received support from Tezmaksan for robot integration. Therefore, it was registered that Tezmaksan was one of the leading companies in Industry 4.0.

Can you compare before and after the system ?

Prior to this integration, the brake disc operated by our customer had increased the processing time of 1 part on the machine to over 6 minutes, and in addition, the total time with the measurement control, wedge opening and brand pressing was 25 minutes. 4 brake discs are processed and ready in 6 minutes with the system we have performed together with our Brother counter. We reduced the total time to 13 minutes for 4 parts with measure control, wedge opening and brand pressing. So we saved half the time.

Ege Fren Technical Services Chief Taner Bilban:

We were looking for a proactive device for our factory. Only Tezmaksan answered our commercial questions. When we examined the machine, we found that rapid and rotary table speeds were good compared to the others. When we met with other companies using this machine, we realized the perfection of the machine. So we have referenced the satisfaction of companies that prefer technology and integration. Brother Product Manager Ersoy Murat Bahcetepe and Training Installation Department Chief Burak Gurbuz, Electrical and Electronics Department Chief Serkan Buran Tezmaksan's previous robotic automation studies based on the technical know-how skills presented.

We have changed the production area largely according to this integration. We have embarked on this project by dreaming of a system that increases productivity, increases the number of parts processing, saves labor. And with robotic integration, we approach this dream step by step. The best part is that the depreciation of this integration is a short period of time, like a year... so that we will get our investments back in 2016 and 2017.