AKIM Metal, Doubled Its Production Capacity With Robotic Automation

AKIM Metal, Doubled Its Production Capacity With Robotic Automation.

AKIM Metal, doubled its production capacity with robotic automation.

Akim Metal 'A' group General Manager Ali Fazıl Boyet: “we dreamed that Tezmaksan would transition to Industry 4.0 with robotic automation, which we realized with the support of engineering. One day the lights of the factories will be turned off and the industrialists will carry out value-added production in the dark factory. Robotic automation is an important step in this new industrial revolution.

You're a high-capacity parts manufacturer. How did the idea of robotic automation come about ?

For the continuity of the business and high quality production independent of the individual, we have been placing great emphasis on automation for many years. As Akim Metal a group, even in the years when the transition to automation in industry was not experienced intensively, we began to establish automation systems in our manufacturing by understanding the importance of the system. I would like to underline that this study is not the first robotic automation work carried out by Akim metal. However, we also have an Automation unit that meets a certain part of our own needs.

How did TEZMAKSAN come into play at this stage? What support did Akim Metal give in robotic automation ?

We bought the counter from tezmaksan based on the project. So it was in the business from the sales of the Loom to the production of the first parts. TEZMAKSAN decimated the entire PLC software and interface programs that were the complement of the project. We've integrated two Brother R650x1 with the robot.

How do you choose the machine to use for automation ?

The machine needs to be in a technological infrastructure suitable for automation systems. Integration with robot automation can be achieved by the integration of the physical and electronic structure and operating system, as well as the control unit. TEZMAKSAN brands are also very suitable for high-tech robotic integrations… ;

What has changed in your manufacturing after Tezmaksan's robotic automation work? Can you tell us about the efficiency you provide and the advantages you experience ?

We imagined this project to be a complete transition to Industry 4.0. The realisation of the work provided the infrastructure for this. So it was important and Tezmaksan had a serious contribution. A high-OEE, standard-quality production independent of human errors and inefficiency; it turned the project into an advantage from the start. With the robotic automation work that Tezmaksan offers engineering support, we experienced a double capacity increase.

Are you satisfied? If you were to carry out such an application again, would you still receive support from Tezmaksan ?

Of course we're pleased. Because TEZMAKSAN was supported not only by supplying machinery, but by the accumulation of engineering. In order to achieve this integration, the brand representative and the manufacturer need to understand what the customer wants and guide each other. TEZMAKSAN has been involved in integration, especially with its recently developed technical infrastructure. We can even say “turnkey” for robotic automation project. We will be pleased to continue our long-lasting cooperation with Tezmaksan, which we bought our first CNC machine tool 26 years ago, with these and similar projects.