Tezmaksan Head Office

Tezmaksan Head Office

Tezmaksan Catalca Building

Tezmaksan Catalca Building

Tezmaksan Kirac Building

Tezmaksan Kirac Building

Tezmaksan, whose established in 1981, has served the Turkish metal machining industry for many years with over 38 years of knowledge, is the leading brand of the Turkish machinery market. It continues to serve CNC sales, service, technological consultancy, financing, software and training to the Turkish metal machining industry by following the innovations and developing technologies in the world.

Tezmaksan, which is specialized in CNC sales with more than 140 employees and more than 40 domestic and foreign representatives within its organization, is also engaged in turnkey special projects by providing production and project consultancy to its customers.

The company, which has been a strong follower of technology since its establishment and contributes directly to technology production through machine manufacturing, plays a major role in opening up the sector abroad. Tezmaksan continues its technology investments 5 years ago with its R & D department. With the software and automation systems it has developed, it significantly reduces the costs of the machines by increasing both the life and efficiency of the machines. The first of the projects;


With this project, which can be considered within Industry 4.0, the key data of the machines by remote access is collected in a center and this data is converted into a report. With its remote monitoring and efficiency reporting system, 'Kapasitematik', CNC users and businesses can measure their existing machines and see historical trend analyses. In normal circumstances, it is possible to complete and follow this type of work, which can be a problem for a business both in terms of cost and time, with a single click of Kapasitematik. With Kapasitematik, it is possible to get instant access to information such as when the machine started to work, ambient temperature, moisture content in the environment, quality control information about part production, failure situations, and how efficiently the machine is used. As a result of all these analyzes, businesses are able to save between 25-30 percent in cost and time.


This system, which is compatible with all CNC machines with its standard structure, comes at a more affordable price than companies-specific robot systems. In the production process, where time is very important, cubebox is adapted to the system in a very short time of 1 day. In addition, with this system, parts can be changed without the need for robot programming knowledge. With CUBEBOX, which is compatible with all kinds of control units and brand, the robot can fill and empty the magazine at the operator while working with the machine. In addition, the system can be easily moved from machine to machine within the factory with its flexible structure.

In summary, Tezmaksan has become a world player who has progressed towards the goal of achieving the success it achieved in its country with the KAPASİTEMATİK and CUBEBOX projects.

Corporate Social Responsiblity (CSR)

Tezmaksan Akademi was founded in 2015 with the aim of joining forces with the Turkish industrialists at the point where it is today, to support the economy of the country and to support the sectoral difficulties, to contribute to the development of education and quality of our country. The Academy has provided free CNC training to over 600 students in 62 different provinces. It has also provided free education to over 150 teachers based on his protocol with MEB.

The Academy started “Lives That Shaped by Lathes “seminars all over Turkey in order to teach CNC sector to young people who will be involved in business life and to encourage them to love their professions. In addition, it continues to share with the students in the seminars the book of ‘’ Lives That Shaped by Lathes’’, which also publishes interviews of industry experts.

Tezmaksan Academy has given 135 seminars to 40 thousand participants in 46 different cities so far.

Tezmaksan prepared the ‘’CNC OPERATOR'S HANDBOOK’’ for all vocational high school students, operators of companies operating in machining sector, trainings given and machinery industry sector. Today, the 5th edition of the book has been published for the 5th time due to the intense interest it has received in addition to the fact that it is being taught as an auxiliary textbook in some vocational high schools. The book was distributed 50 thousand pieces to all schools located in Turkey and companies as free.

Our company, which has received ISO 9001-2000 certificate as a result of the rigorous studies exhibited in the import and export of machinery, imports only products that have Certificate Of Conformity to European Safety Norms (CE).

It continues its work in Bayrampasa, Kirac and Istanbul Trakya Free Zone centers with a total area of 35,000 m2 and offers innovative solutions to the production problems of its customers. With the Technical Revision Department, which was put into service in Istanbul Kiraç, these machines are restored to the service of the Turkish industry by doing renovation work on the used machines.

Tezmaksan, whose head office is located in Istanbul, continues to provide sales and after-sales technical services to its customers with regional offices in Adana, Ankara, Bursa, Izmir and Konya.